Privacy Policy

KÈSPAM website

The only cookies used by the KÈSPAM website are cookies from Google Analytics. We configured Google in such a way to protect your privacy to the best of our ability. We masked last octet of all IP addresses. We disabled all data sharing settings.

KÈSPAM mobile app

KÈSPAM values your privacy. Therefore we do not track any of your data, when using the mobile app, for any commercial purposes. When you connect to KÈSPAM, we only get the following data:
  1. The statistics on the amount of installations from the Google Play Store, collected by Google (this is standard for all applications available on the store).
  2. Also the mobile app connects with a KÈSPAM server to check if the version of the mobile app is compatible with the latest KÈSPAM version. We do save this ping for statistical purposes.
If you perform a payment using the mobile app this will be stored in the system, but that's the idea of doing a payment.
The camera function is only used to scan bar or QR codes. KÈSPAM doesn’t require access to your phone's contacts. The GPS is only used to look for local businesses. The GPS data is never stored or tracked on our server.

Enjoy using KÈSPAM

The KÈSPAM team